Wednesday, 29 October 2008


With Halloween just a couple of days away I have been busy busy!

I will have a total of ten children (including my two), descending on my house this Friday. What began as two friends inviting themseves over has turned into a full blown party.

It is going to be absolute mahem....but I LOVE it! I love Halloween, love to see the weans knocking on the door, and here in Scotland they don't get a thing until they have done a little song, dance or joke.

My two are so excited, and after six years of making costumes from cardboard boxes/black bags I gave in to the commercialism of it all - I actually BOUGHT their costumes for this year.

Angus is going to be a Stormtrouper, and Michael a Jedi knight, (Anakin Skywalker to be precise).

I've been buying up decorations over the last couple of weeks, stocking up on sweeties and will be having a major baking session tomorrow to make my halloween cookies, (any excuse for a baking session is good for me, I love baking).

Tonight we're getting the decorations up and carving the pumpkins - incidently I was trying to grow my own this year but they never got bigger then a golf ball, after which the slugs had a right good feast on them - so I had to buy a couple instead.

I made up a little layout with a kit I bought from Stoneaccentsudios, another forum I belong to. The kit can be found here, and is chocca block with 85 papers and 127 elements, I had great fun playing around with photoshop to make this one and will be doing more once I have pictures from the Halloween party.

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  1. Hi Sweety...I just wanted to drop in real quick and leave you some love...I betthe boys are excited as can be about the Halloween party...I dont want to be in your lots of fun girl!!!

    Sending big hugs