Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New Kit from Kayjay - LuckyDay

Kayjay has just released a brand new kit - It's called Lucky Day and can be found over at Digital Arts Cafe for just $2.99

It has some lovely elements and great papers, I especially love the dotty one.

Here is a preview for you;

I've had a bit of a bad week and probably shouldn't have really made a layout until I'd given myself a boot up the backside and stopped feeling so sorry for myself.

I discovered this poem/story written by Emily Perl Kingsley when on a parenting course and wanted to put it into a scrapbook page as it means a lot to me.

(credits - story - Emily Perl Kingsley)

Whilst trying to make another layout this little story was always at the back of my mind so I thought I would incorporate it into a layout.

My son was assessed with Autistic Spectrum disorder when he was just three; he has social, language and communication delays, attends a special school four afternoons a week and is really coming on in leaps and bounds.

Usually I can cope with anything but I've got myself all wound up because he didn't get a sticker at his Hip-Hop dancing lesson the other night like his brother did - and when he got home he was sobbing his little heart out - and I just couldn't get him to understand that the dance teacher was given his brother a sticker to encourage him to keep going to dancing.

His younger brother hasn't been assessed as being on the spectrum, though I think he should be, he has the same delays with social, language and communication but has a better level of understanding.

Each day I count myself lucky for having two such special boys, they are happy, loving and I am so proud of every milestone and achievement they reach.

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  1. Miss you girl! There's an award for you on my blog. Hope all is well. Take care! :)