Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Nuthouse-Scraps 'Design for me' contest (week 3)

I couldn't believe it when I checked to see who had gone through to round 3, and discovered I was one of the five. I had to read it and re-read it several times just to be sure (and even then I thought I'd get an email at any minute saying a mistake had been made).

I was still struggling with understanding vectors and getting a sharp image but the designers at Nuthouse-Scraps are great. A tutorial was written explaining it all, and I know I'm not the only contestent who benefited from it, (and yes, I think I'm finally getting there).

The most important thing I learned in week 3 was 'Public Domain Images'
I didn't know there was a wealth of resources out there that could be used by anyone and for any purpose. It certainly helped in the 'no cu' requirement part of the contest I can tell you.

So, for week 3, our kit was titled 'Summer Lovin', and here is my entry,

This one had 12 papers and nineteen elements

Download the papers here

Download the elements here

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