Saturday, 26 February 2011

Recipe Collection : Chocolate Cake

Decided to enter another challenge at Stoneaccentsstudio, this time the recipe card challenge.
It made a nice change to scrap a smaller area but I think it turned out alright;

I use this recipe to make my boys birthday cakes, and I've just started making cakes for other people too though I need to do a LOT of work on my decorating skills but that's another story.

Here's a few of the cakes I've made using this recipe (the icing on the top is a mixture of icing sheets and rice paper, both of which can be found on Ebay);

If you want to try this recipe out then I've uploaded the recipe card to 4shared, so you can download out try it out. It's a 4x6 size and 300 dpi (printer quality).

This cake really only takes about 5-10mins to make the batch up, even by hand and you just can't beat home-made cake.

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