Friday, 29 April 2011

Hummie's World

Well I have found an excellent site - stacks of tutorials, challenges, classes...and that's the tip of the iceberg.

I have been scrapping since 2008, and had never heard of it until last week, when I was looking for some tutorials to improve my designing knowledge, and after signing up and a little nosing about the forum of Hummie's World, I have to say I was impressed.

I decided to opt for the subscription option of $5.50 (£3-odd), for which I have access to all the resources, but it isn't a requirement. There are turorials avaliable for non-subscribers, some classes and an open gallery.

Best of all, the owner, 'Hummie', is involved with the forum, the members are friendly. It really is a great place to belong.

Here's a layout I made, using template 23;

And here is a snippet of the home page.

Hummie's World is where you can:
1. Learn digital scrapbooking in Photoshop Elements through tutorials and videos. Do you struggle with paper scrapbooking? Do you feel that you are not artistic enough? No worry! Digital scrapbooking makes you artistic!

2. Find help by asking questions in the forum. Ask a question in the forum. You never know when I'll answer with a video!

3. Participate in classes and inspire each other. Subscribe for only $5.50 a month and participate in self-guided classes (with a goal of 5 lessons per month).

4. Get to know other digital scrapbookers and inspire each other. I am always inspired by little things other's layouts! Inspiration is like a great big circle that always comes back to me! Create scrapbook pages that will be appreciated for generations.

5. Find information and links to other resources I am always on the lookout for fun things and resources. You can find resources scattered in the forums, on the home page, on my blog, or on my twitter or Facebook. "Enabling" each other by sharing great finds at other sites is encouraged here.

Grab a drink and click around. There's plenty here to explore. Everything is always open-- go ahead, dig up any inspiration and do it!

Click here to visit Hummie's World.


  1. Wow! What a pleasant surprise to find this! You are a good person. I put it on Facebook/Twitter.

  2. Can only echo what you've's a great place to be, and there's so much to learn :)
    Bernie x

  3. What an awesome thing to do to help promote the site! Thank you for being a part of the community! We appreciate you!!!